Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blazer Days

There, in the wardrobe, beside the floral dresses, hangs a blue blazer; it looks conspicuous but tomorrow will blend easily with many others.  The coloured socks in the drawer are replaced by white and navy cousins; the blue and gold tie and hairbands are ready to be adorned; the patent mary-janes lie ready and waiting to skip and dance and hop-scotch; and the purple flowery school bag - so very N! - is packed and waiting for the excitement that lies ahead.  Tomorrow my little girl starts school; her care free days are changing, the world opening up in front of her and she is ready and so, so very excited...

The school has a motto

virtus scientia decus
virtue knowledge and honour 

the latin - obviously! - adding  "gravitas" to this motto and many a saying that can provide us with a moral compass as we grow and learn.  Profound and ever lasting, mottos can build people - my school motto was impendo - distribute cheerfully (through charitable giving or happiness of heart or both?), but it is in the every day that our children learn, whether at home or in school, unconsciously broadening knowledge and experience: life builds the adults of the future from the children we create - how amazing is that?

mira quaedum in cognoscendo suavitas et delectatio
there is a certain wonderful sweetness and delight in gaining knowledge

I believe so;
let's hope that N does too.
Happy school days, N; they truly are the best days of your life!

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BavarianSojourn said...

And how did she get on? I hope she had a wonderful first day! How lovely is that uniform as well! :)