Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrating the Flame

On Sunday we donned waterproofs and attended a Flame Celebration Family Day at the Tramway and Hidden Gardens to celebrate one of the main aims of the Paralympic Torch Relay - "to celebrate the spirit of human endeavour – to make everyone believe that anyone can do anything". 
The flame has been lit four times, each in a different UK capital city, each being lit by the energy of physical endeavour, uniting only at the opening of the Paralympics tonight.  We were privileged to see the flame from Edinburgh pass through Glasgow and the Tramway was buzzing with whizzy wheels, families, song and dance; there was an energy to the event that was palpable.
We watched dancers from Indepen-dance dance with umbrellas and beach balls, in beat with their own rhythm, following a journey through  the simple pleasures of the weather There was a simple beauty to the choreography and I felt humbled watching the troop enjoying their moment.
Wandering further into the Hidden Gardens (one of my favourite places to relax), we made keepsakes of the day from "flowers of meaning" to press between books, drying them to remind of us of the celebrations. 

Each flower had a meaning:
fennel for worthy of all praise and strength
salvia for energy and wisdom
carnations for health
alstroemeria for aspiration and friendship
nasturium for patriotism.
The man on the stall made sure that E had fennel in her keepsake to "give her strength"

The girls wove flowers into a stunning garland of celebration and well wishes to loved ones and paralympians alike:
sunflowers for patriotism
roses for unity, grace, and charming simplicity.
It was lovely to feel part of the good spirit by adding our flowers.


A collage workshop was held to draw inspiration from the Flame, creating a banner of colourful flames, ribbons and sequins - N & E, always keen to get stuck in to crafty things, loved being able to contribute to something larger than their individual pieces:

It was a wonderful afternoon and a great celebration of the spirit of the Paralympic Games but the event was marred slightly by being held in a venue accessible once inside but with no disabled parking bays and not easily accessible by public transport (although visitors are encouraged to use public transport!).  It is hoped that London 2012 Paralympics will change people's perception of disability; it's just a shame that the perception of some of the event planners wasn't altered prior to this celebration of the flame in Glasgow.

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BavarianSojourn said...

What a shame about the very last bit. The rest of it sounds wonderful, and I love the flowers. I am really looking forward to this games. I am currently watching the opening ceremony, and feeling very humbled. Hope they all have a fabulous games! :)