Wednesday, August 01, 2012

how a friend can help

How can you help?
Yes, YOU!
This is for the 6.4 million carers and for the special needs mums who have lost their voices:
For their family and friends,
And for those who want to help.

I need you;
I need your "normal".
Please reach out to me
and invite me
and include me
And under no circumstance
take "no" for an answer.

I might seem fine on the surface -
that's often how I get through my day -
but that's not always the case.
If you care for me,
if you love me,
insist on helping;
I find it hard to ask for help 
and will struggle to accept it,
so insist
and don't take "no" for an answer.

we need you and your "normality".
please reach out to my family:
accept us
and include us -
Snappy and all -
and be there for us,
helping us to be "us".

So dear friend, how can you help? 
Have I given you an idea?
Never take "no" for an answer,  
never believe “I’m fine”,
accept us as we are,
include us in your life
and always be sincere.


BavarianSojourn said...

Profound words. Hope everything's OK... x x

h0peful mummy said...

everything ok, emma. just thinking about how people can help - not just me but special needs mums and carers and those with illness

Mummy Plum said...

I think this is beautiful.

People sometimes need prompting to feel that it's ok to reach out. Messages like this, so simple yet so powerful, make that clear.

h0peful mummy said...

thank you, mummy plum for your comment and for stopping by.
i think sometimes we don't know how to look after ourselves and then, in a moment of clarity, you understand, you need to reach out...