Monday, December 31, 2012

Ne'er Weather

Ne’er has always been turbulent;
The world outside
Reflecting me within 
All it's natural glory.
Winds blow
Not so silently,
Or peacefully,
Through the trees;
Across the land
And across the days of my life.
This year is no different;
The weather echoes my feelings
Instinctively perhaps.
The wind blows,
But this year the clouds are so very low
That they gently touch my head
And I wish that I could hide amongst them,
Seeking to be veiled.
The rain falls like tears,
Heavy at times
With such power that
A palpable symphony 
Exists within my soul,
Drowning out my 
The rain eases. 
The tears have not stopped:
They drizzle silently on,
Ever present
Never far from the sky
Or my ethereal soul...

1 comment:

Bright Side of Life said...

Beautiful, I love how you play around with words and get across your feelings.