Thursday, February 21, 2013

"he is on our side... he is on our side..."

Searching for images for my last post I found this positive graphic: this is want I hope for for our social work services - in an utopian society and ideal world - but limited by resources, bound by policies and procedures, spirits dampened by difficult cases and difficult lives, many do not seem to have a lot to give.

 image from bcasw

if only this were the case: that the lives of the majority were strengthened and enriched

As a nation we often do not see our social workers in a positive light.  We see them first and foremost as gatekeepers for the Government, thwarting our attempts at living life to the fullest.  Many are attempting to make a (genuine?) difference - perhaps not with the enthusiasm that signalled social work as their career path, perhaps not with the energy that brought them to this vocation and perhaps not with the innocence and naivety that told them that they could change the world - but they are trying and they - apparently! - can make a difference.
Social workers work for the individual, not for the Government and although paid by the local authority, not for them either; they work holistically for Eilidh and (hopefully!) our family, and they work for individuals like Eilidh, and for their families and carers, too .  "They help individuals, families, groups and communities to realize their potential and assist people to enjoy full, active and creative lives. They work to create social and environmental conditions to enhance quality of life and to develop the full potential of each individual, group and community in society."   (or at least they do in British Columbia... :) )
So, with this in mind, I will meet with Eilidh's social worker today to hand over the letter and documents explaining the extent of Eilidh's physical disability and the level of support she requires as a result, repeating mantra-like over and over "remember, he is trying to help you; he is on your side"...  Well, at least I'll try to; I am after all trying to be positive and keep an open mind...


Midlife Singlemum said...

Good luck. You never know - you get a winner.

BavarianSojourn said...

Fingers crossed, I hope all went really really well... xx