Monday, February 18, 2013

Rules of Road(trip)

the first rule of road(trip)?
there are no rules...
just mystery,
damn fine food.

the #roadtrip menu
photo by the beautiful duchess of camptoun
date: valentine's day
venue: freemans
company: d, mr tweed and the duchess of camptoun
Taste buds truly tantalised and teased, shouting in awe of Indian spice, Scottish fayre & the wizardry of McTSingh's pop-up #roadtrip extravaganza: oh, what a  culinary delight!
Every ingredient and dish described by McTSingh's daughter - and we have to thank her for making us smile and spreading sheer joy - and each course eagerly awaited and greedily devoured.

The sambar with it's spicy, sweet and sour pork belly had quite a kick; what a way to start!
The goat pattys were simple and tasty but the carrot/onion/tamarind salad was zingy and crunchy and just quite amazing.
The black salt corn really rocked my boat - tequila on the cob with a hint of - for me - Rotorua for hiding in the black salt was a wicked sulphur buzz...
Dem Bones (dem bones) - soft, succulent spiced salmon, and encouraged to break the bones and suck the marrow from within - delicious! 
Two helpings of mutton and chickpea - a biryani style dish so deep in flavour that you couldn't help but ask "please, sir, can we have some more?".
And onto dessert and vermicelli and pear with clean flavours; a lovely way to draw a close to a memorable foodie experience.
oh my, oh my!
McTSingh, aka Tony Singh, your culinary talent and wizardry shines bright!
We had a fabulous night at the #roadtrip and feel privileged to have been able to attend.
A big thank you to Aoife and Carol from Jelly & Gin for setting the wheels in motion and to David from Freemans for hosting (silently!)  McTSingh's  madness.
Pop-up dining, I'll be back!
(oh please let there be another event soon...)


Bright Side of Life said...

I love your style of writing.... oh, to be as descriptive as you! Also like that you threw in a taste of New Zealand! :)

h0peful mummy said...

thank you, di! and new Zealand is never far from my heart...