Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jumping Clay!

On Monday we were lucky enough to welcome Meabh and Jumping Clay to No.21 for some crafty clay fun. And woof! did we have fun!


Jumping Clay is an amazing product.  It's water based, non-toxic and mess free - perfect! As the girls started to pull and roll and squeeze I could smell jasmine - a therapeutic oil often used to reduce stress and enduce a sense of calm - and the clay also has antimicrobial properties - silver nano - to combat bugs and bogeys.  So an all-round innovative and unique product perfect for use with kiddies, children with special needs and the elderly too.  It so happens that Meabh works with a group of children with autism and in a care home; Jumping Clay can help with tactile sensory sensitivity and manual dexterity, proving the overall usefulness of this amazing product.

So the girls pulled and rolled and squeezed, forming billy balls and daisy drops,  and mixing colours (Meabh "do you know what colours make pink?" and Eilidh replied "yes! yellow and blue and purple!") all with the aim of making a wee model dog like the one above.  Meabh was gentle and patient and very encouraging, especially when Eilidh would say that she couldn't do something - with encouragement, she so clearly could!

We all asked questions and at one point Meabh said "I'm a Jumping Clay expert; there isn't much about Jumping Clay that I don't know!" and she's right - good thing too as she is planning to open the first Jumping Clay Academy in Scotland, right here in Glasgow!  Whoopeeeeee!

By the end of the hour, four gorgeously cute dogs sat on the table, the red one is Niamh's and the white one Eilidh's - pretty fabulous, aren't they?  The girls were so pleased with what the achieved and perhaps me more so with what Eilidh had managed pretty much on her own.  I asked the girls what they would give their Jumping Clay Day out of 10:

"20/10" shouted Niamh
And what did you enjoy most?
Meabh, looks like Jumping Clay is a resounding success here at No. 21!  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.


Pretty cute, aren't they?  And they don't need potty trained either...

I was approached by Meabh who offered Eilidh & Niamh a free trial session to demonstrate the usability and flexibility of Jumping Clay for little ones and those with muscle weakness.  In return I have written this post to highlight what a fantastic product it is and to promote Jumping Clay Scotland.  Honestly, I would have shouted out from the rooftops even if I had had to pay; it was a great afternoon spent with a lovely lady who is working hard to promote her new business and we are right behind her in wishing her every success.


Meabh said...

Thank you so much! It was an absolute pleasure to meet and have some creative fun with your gorgeous girls!
Meab x

BavarianSojourn said...

That sounds like great stuff, and it sounds like it even smells nice too! Lovely pictures of the girls being creative!

I will recommend this product to my friend over here who's little girl has Brown Vialetto Van Laere syndrome, she's always on the look out for things like this xx

Ellen Arnison said...

It looks like you had lots of fun.

Mummykimmy said...

What a fantastic experience for all of you! And how cute are the dogs? x

Sue Fisher said...
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Sue Fisher said...

Thanks for demonstrating Jumping clay girls.
Sam needs some!!
Those puppies are so cute xx