Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Before I die I want to..."

A bucket list
of sights to see
and places to visit,
things to do,
goals to achieve,
people to meet,
differences to make:
a life to make count.

one day
a simple wall was
painted black:
a girl lost someone
she loved very much,
and lost her way
and her perspective on life,
but slowly she came to realise
that she wasn't
that life mattered.

photograph by candy chang

"before I die I want to..."
has travelled the world,
far and wide
and this week,
to celebrate
Dying Matters
awareness week,
the wall came to
Glasgow and

"before I die wall I want to..."
starts conversations
because dying does matter;
death is part of nature
and the circle of life -
it is inevitable.

Today, in a death-denying
death-defying culture,
we have ventured far
from the reality of death,
difficult conversations;
that should be shared,
to prepare,
to say goodbye,
to allow closure.

"Before I die I want to... "
has made me stop and think...
I wonder
"what would I want to do
before I die?".
I wonder what is
truly important to me...

Before I die I want to... cherish my family and friends
Before I die I want to... speak the truth
Before I die I want to... grow in faith
Before I die I want to... be more grateful
Before I die I want to... live my life

Before I die I want to... walk forever along my favourite beach
Before I die I want to... eat ice cream in the parlour
Before I die I want to... float once more in the blue lagoon
Before I die I want to... return to the land of the long white cloud
Before I die I want to... show my children the beautiful world we live in

Before I die I want to... make a difference... somehow


Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting this. I love this project and didn't know it had come to Scotland. Do you know where the walls are? Have you watched Candy Chang on TED? It's a very moving talk.

Midlife Singlemum said...

I love your wishes. I would be nervous to write something simple like to do a specific task or visit a specific place. I would be scred that I'd achieve it and fall down dead. I like the more abstract wishes better.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

You have made a difference already x

BavarianSojourn said...

Very poignant...

LittleMamma said...

I hadn't heard of this project before and I've learnt about SMA through you and E and been inspired by you both. You've made a difference to my life already.