Thursday, May 30, 2013

Far Better Things Ahead

3 years...
where has the time gone?

quote: c.s.lewis

eilidh has grown into an amazing little girl:
SMA has not robbed her of her spirit,
her personality,
her essence.
SMA has robbed her of her ability to move independently

but not her independence.
SMA contributes to this gorgeous girl every day -

it makes her who she is,
spreading joy and hope
beyond everything i could have hoped for her.
and yet my heart remains bruised
and tender
(but no longer fractured)
and i have come to realise that
i don't think that that will change;
nor do i think that I want it to change
because i have grown as a person.
i am stronger
and more gallus
and a wonderful advocate for my daughter, for my family, for SMA;
SMA makes me who i am, too.
please do not think that i am a saint though,
that i truly accept this twist of fate,

the life unexpected now lived.
 i still have moments of anger ,
of disbelief,
of sadness
as deep and wide as the ocean
life goes on
and life is bright and good

for eilidh and niamh are my
guiding lights.


BavarianSojourn said...

A lovely and very hopeful and positive post. Apologies for misreading your last post...

Midlife Singlemum said...

A heartwarming post. I remember a friend from Glasgow (30 years ago) used to say gallus all the time. I haven't heard it since. :)