Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Mother's Pure Devotion

I had the recent pleasure of meeting a remarkable, inspirational and devoted woman.  I crossed personal boundaries but she reached out to me and spoke of love, courage and dedication.  She had fought to make a difference, for the benefit of others, all of her life and she fought until the end.  She touched my heart.
Painting - Mother & Child - by XiPan
This remarkable woman cared for her children - who both have learning disabilities - and then her husband - who suffered poor health - for over half a century, caring for them as only a mother and wife could, advocating for their needs and rights when no one could speak so truly, nor with such passion.
I asked her how she did it, how she carried on through each day and she spoke openly, "I don't know."  She went on to say that she takes each day as it comes, receiving strength from God above, "There's nothing else I can do..."
I told her about my family, my children, my Eilidh.  We shared photographs.  "They (my children) are beautiful:" she said "you must trust Him to guide you".  And I cried.  No boundaries between us, just two mothers trying to do the best by their children, as perfectly imperfect as they are in our eyes, as perfect as they are in the eyes of God above, trying to find our way through the day to day, living the life unexpected.
I said my goodbyes not long after meeting her and was thanked by her family for my support; in reality, she had done far more for me than I had for her.  This truly devoted woman had opened by eyes to the possible and here I am now, grateful to have met her, taking each day as it comes, hoping that one day I will trust once more. 


Midlife Singlemum said...

Every so often you get to meet one of your own personal angels to give you strength.

h0peful mummy said...

Rachel, you are SO right. And this woman was a true angel.