Thursday, August 15, 2013


I heard a song this morning on my way back from dropping the girls at school and it made me smile.
Because I can so relate to it!
The H0pefuls are HUMUNGOUS toast fans - well, to be honest we are fans of bread and all things carbohydrate in general really... 
Toast is THE staple food of my life:- I'm not proud but it is sooooo delicious!  And here it is, the toast of my life:
Early 1980's: Toasted cheese on a Saturday night, watching the A-Team - man! I had such a crush on Face! - waiting for dad to come back from rugby.
Early 1990's: White bread with lashings of butter, hot or cold, supported me through my days as a junior doctor (and also later through my early pregnancies at work): but then they banned toasters in the wards because of the fire risk and multiple attendances by local fire brigades - the cheek of it!
2000: Wholemeal toast with avocado, tomato and black pepper became a favourite in New Zealand and eating it alfresco with a freshly brewed coffee made it even more delicious and decadent.
The Late Noughties: The beautiful Duchess of Bedford enlightened me to the fact that one of the most healthy breakfasts was indeed wholemeal toast, Nutella and fresh strawberries; I was utterly convinced but I think that we were deluding ourselves, Duchess!
And now? 
Pure and simple. 
Toast and cheese.
E.V.E.R.Y.   T.I.M.E. 
A.N.Y.   T.I.M.E.
I love you, toast!

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