Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mince & Tatties

When the nights fair draw in,  
sometimes your heart craves simple, home-cooked fayre...

(and then you need to blog about it to get back into the swing of blogging!)

Mince and Tatties

I dinna like hail tatties
Pit on my plate o mince
For when I tak my denner
I eat them baith at yince.

Sae mash and mix the tatties
Wi mince into the mashin,
And sic a tasty denner
Will aye be voted ‘Smashin!

Poem by J.K. Annand

The question is though, sauce or nae sauce?

Disclaimer: I feel that I do have to point out that I make mince and tatties once in a blue moon - good Scottish fayre is truly an exception to the rule in this house!


Midlife Singlemum said...

I love the word 'sae' in the poem. The only word I couldn't work out was 'yince.' Only a few weeks ago I learn about stovies from Elain Colliar (@MFinThree). Since then I've been making a vegetarian version. And I love porridge in the winter.

Bright Side of Life said...

I also make mince and tatties.... and I put chutney on the side of my plate! :)