Thursday, November 21, 2013

Playing LeapFrog: Snap Happy

Following on from here and the fabulous opportunity that presented itself for me to review products by LeapFrog, the children’s educational entertainment brand, comes another app toy, this time something a little more creative and well, arty to say the least.
Designed again for 3-6 year olds, the Creativity Camera Protective Case and App combine the camera power of iPhone or iPod touch with creative learning fun!   After another rather slow download of the free app, the Creativity Camera was ready to go and not a moment too soon as it was promptly dropped by the toddler in our midst!  It's great that this product doubles as a protective case, not just from bumps and scratches, but from grubby, sticky fingers too.  Moments after the camera was picked up from the floor, it was taken by N, E and 3 of our neighbours, all off to explore its potential.
Very quickly there were lots of giggles coming from the bedroom; they had found the menu easy to navigate and were already adding funny graphics to their silly faces - which were now even more silly!  The graphics were easy to move around the screen and could be enlarged by expanding the graphic on the screen.  The giggles continued but then they started to argue - "it's my turn!", "NO! It's MY turn!" - as children tend to do.


Check out these silly faces; now I can see why there was so much hilarity!

The app toy kept them amused for hours that afternoon, allowing my neighbour and I to have a cuppa and a good old catch up.  They were able to find their way around the menu, exploring the six learning modes offered: they made silly faces, changed the colours of their photos and even caught images of magical flying creatures. 
The Creativity Camera may not have made Lord Lichfield's out of them, but the crazy 5 (aged between 18 months and soon to be 10) had a fab afternoon and were begging for more time to play.  In true N and E style they rated the app toy for me,
"It's GREAT! Definitely a ten out of ten, mum!"

Two little things I'd like to add, however - and I'm just being pedantic - firstly, the camera lens is very easily obscured by little hands grasping the case and secondly (and most importantly!) us adults couldn't find the final images easily to allow me to download them - but as my neighbour said "we should have just got the kids to do it!".
At a very reasonable £14.99 I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this as an affordable and safe way for children to explore photography, while having the chance to create individual pieces of art and have fun along the way: the fact that the case also adds protection is a huge added bonus too.
Disclaimer - I have been asked to review this through my role as a BRITAX Mumbassador - a unique and exciting community of parenting bloggers who work closely with BRITAX to review their products, discuss topical parenting issues and to share fun family experiences with!  I have received no fees for this post - but instead benefited from being able to keep the Creativity Camera - but instead have written it because I believe that it's important for our little ones to express their individuality and be creative.

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