Monday, January 13, 2014

Up Front and Riding Shotgun

image by Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Ever ridden shotgun?
As an adult, I frequently do, hands clammy and firmly clasped as my husband drives us to and fro!
But as a child?
Actually, probably, most definitely... for those were the days long before the need for seat belts and car seats!

Do your kids ride shotgun, up front, sitting beside you with you in the driver's seat?
It's something I have often pondered since starting the school run:
I wasn't sure it was legal...
I wasn't sure if children's car seats are designed for the different forces of impact if sitting up front...
But, I knew who to ask!

I am a bit of a self-professed (often silent however!) advocate of car safety after my friend was badly injured in a head on collision involving his vehicle - containing his wife and two sons - and a truck.  So when this question regarding safety arose I contacted Britax and was given an answer.  

Now that it's on my mind again with school returning this week, I'd like to see what you think of children sitting up front in cars?  If you could and are interested, please take a moment to fill in the survey, which will close on Monday 20th January.  I will then collate the results and report back to you with the results and also the statement from Britax.  I have to stress that this is for my own personal interest (amusement) and not for the benefit of Britax - or any other car seat manufacturer for that matter!

Thank you for your time.

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