Thursday, February 20, 2014

Road Trip Fun

Driving, Driving, Driving...
Some holidays are all about the road trip!
How do you entertain your little ones while on the road?
Well, Niamh and Eilidh are full on DVD player converts!
DVD-tastic and scooby-snacks are a must in the E-Team Van!
But all kiddies are different: what do your little ones enjoy on a car journey?  How do you while away the hours of 
"are we there yet?" 
"mummy, i neeeeeeeed a peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"?
Ahead of a wee review I'll be posting soon - as part of my role as BRITAX Mumbassador - I'm sharing a couple of wee things you can do on your next road trip, whether it be half term, Easter or summer.

And here's the release from BRITAX:
With half term underway, families up and down the country will be setting off to visit friends and grandparents far and wide to make the most of their time off with the children.  So begins... the car clean, the car seat checks, route planning and packing. 
As many of us parents here at BRITAX know, packing a small bag for the car to keep the children entertained for a couple of hours en route should also be high on the list of priorities, even for the older children!
Fully charged electronic devices? Check. Snacks? Check. Emergency Wipes? Check.  Favourite cuddly toy? Check. Pen, pencil and notebook? Check. For even longer journeys, as parents, we know, you also need a repertoire of songs, car games and a LOT of patience. We wanted to lend parents an extra helping hand with our fantastic printable activity sheets for children four years and older.
As you head out of the city or countryside to hit the motorway, we’re challenging your younger children’s bright little minds to spot key landmarks, planes and animals.  With a visual printable ‘I Spy’ sheet, they will just need a pencil to circle what they spot and can also colour in the images while they play!  Older children are also encouraged to put their literacy skills to the test and create short sentences featuring everything they have spotted on their journey. No mess, no fuss, just fun. For the older travelers we also have a ‘Number Detective’ worksheet to challenge their minds with harder, logic solving questions which will even give the parents a run for their money if the kids get stuck.  We guarantee at least 15 minutes extra peace on your journey!"

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Midlife Singlemum said...

I love the I-spy check list. We just had a four hour bus ride to Eilat but most of it is through the desert - I spy something beginning with s - sand - your go. Sand - your go. Etc.On the way back it was nighttime without any street lights even. There was a lot of 'paper,scissors,rock' involved.