Monday, June 09, 2014

The Ticket I'm Appealing

To Parking attendant no:02484 and UKPC

This WAV, registered to Motability with obvious rear tail end lift and "Please leave a 3m gap!" sticker was indeed parked in a disabled bay on 23rd May at 13:03.  

The blue badge that my daughter has was on the dashboard, although not "clearly displayed".  It not being "clearly displayed" was, yes, an error but I, unlike many hundreds of other vehicles throughout the UK, was parked with due and legitimate reason in a disabled bay.  The only thing I had not done was display the blue badge clearly as I was in a rush to take my 5 year old disabled daughter to the toilet and did not pause for a second to ensure it was standing on the dash rather than lying down.  

As you can see from our blue badge it in fact expired in February - we had not realised this until looking at it for the purpose of this appeal.  We are now in the process of applying for a new one - easily done as my daughter qualifies for higher mobility rate until 2021.

So, to parking attendant No:02484, I apologise for being in a rush but couldn't you just have looked at the WAV and used your common sense, choosing to turn a blind eye on this one occasion?   Now I realise that my daughter's blue badge has expired but so what?  She has a life limiting disease which leaves her wheelchair dependent and dependent on others; this is never going to change, her blue badge is for life. 

I have missed the initial 14 day period; this fine now stands at (a ridiculous!) £80 instead of £45 - life has been busy juggling being a mum and a carer, and working too.  My daughter needs a new car seat, which we have to self-fund; so the money that I am not paying towards this ticket - because, quite frankly I am enraged by the whole situation! - is going to her new car seat. If that is a problem for you, then please consider pursuing this claim further.

Many Thanks

Angry, frazzled mummy 


Midlife Singlemum said...

A prime example of jobsworth if they make you pay this. It's not about the ticket, it's about your daughter who needs you to park near the doors.

Michelle Daly said...

Dear angry, frazzled Mummy, I too received a parking ticket last year and blogged about it too.

Good luck and don't bloody pay!!

Sonia said...

I have appealed blue badge parking tickets twice now and had them waived in both cases. Each with a different council for a different reason but both said it was a good will gesture.