Friday, September 19, 2014

The Morning After

Let none wake despondent: one way
or another we have talked plainly,
tested ourselves, weighed up the sum
of our knowing, ta’en tent o scholars,
checked the balance sheet of risk and
fearlessness, of wisdom and of folly.

Was it about the powers we gain or how
we use them? We aim for more equality;
and for tomorrow to be more peaceful
than today; for fairness, opportunity,
the common weal; a hand stretched out
in ready hospitality.         

It’s those unseen things that bind us,
not flag or battle-weary turf or tartan.
There are dragons to slay whatever happens:
poverty, false pride, snobbery, sectarian
schisms still hovering. But there’s
nothing broken that’s not repairable.

We’re a citizenry of bonnie fighters,
a gathered folk; a culture that imparts,
inspires, demands a rare devotion,
no back-tracking; that each should work
and play our several parts to bring about
the best in Scotland, an open heart.

Christine Du Luca

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Changes ahead

“Whether you use your Heart,
Whether you use your Head,
Whatever the result,
We have changes ahead.”

photo and quote courtesy of Lost Haddington

Today's Tomorrow

driving through the borders

I am proud of who I am.
Proud of my identity.
Proud of my country.

The impartial expert opinions, the unbiased papers posted through letterboxes, and impassioned speeches - and more recently pleas - have been to aid the the decision we make today for tomorrow's future, fuelling this campaign for better or for worse.  

Today a close friend posted this - the only status I have read over recent times, having stepped away from social media to avoid the rising tension and, in some circumstances what I can only call bigotry and insolence - and I understand her.

"My 'No' Thanks friends are terrified this morning, worried that they could lose something great. My 'Yes' friends are all super excited, believing they might gain something great. Meanwhile life thunders on like a high speed train, so enjoy this last look out of your window at today. It will be gone in a flash. Whatever happens will be the only thing that could have happened."

I am terrified and excited but I have no doubts.
I believe in my principles and values.
I am confident:
I love my country.

Tomorrow, as we wake to a country where the voice of the people has been heard, life will carry on - for better or for worse and hopefully with a little less bigotry and insolence and a whole lot more unity amongst the people of Scotland.