Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flopsy & Bella - Make Today Count 2015

And then...

Well, Flopsy and Bella got the all clear to jump!

On Saturday 28th February these adrenaline-seeking, fun-loving animals take to the skies over St Andrews as part of  Make Today Count, an exciting challenge to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.  

Flopsy and Bella are jumping for our new Family Fund Eilidh's Muscleteers.  This fund, set up in early 2015, is to raise awareness of and funds for those living with SMA and other neuromuscular disorders in Scotland.  Our aim is to encourage those around us to fund raise by doing something that makes them happy or pushes them to the limit – all in the name of Eilidh’s Muscleteers.

So this rabbit and bear duo - who I may add, really, truly have always dreamt of flying! - want to help raise funds for Eilidh's Muscleteers and ask that the soft toys of Scotland (and far and wide) unite to give  to this worthwhile cause which they hold close to their hearts.

Visit their Just Giving page:

And if you want to keep in touch with Eilidh's Muscleteers, please do join our Facebook page:

We will keep you updated  with photos of their preparation for the big event and, of course, of their jump.  They will be jumping - tandem - they fear nothing!

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Midlife Singlemum said...

Good luck! (Rather them than me, LOL)