Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Weekend

A weekend months in the making, important to me as it was to celebrate my fortieth, a time for me to celebrate this passing of time with family and friends around me; to feel cherished and valued; to reflect on what has been and what is to come; to have time (valuable precious time) with those I love.

The venue: Eastwood House on the banks of the River Tay
The weekend: a snowy, clear blue-skied, crisp weekend in January
The people:- Hopeful Mummy and Hopeful Daddy, Mr Tweed and Lady of Camptoun, Sweetpea and Mr T, Charleston girl and No Eye-dea, Wonderwoman and Captain America, Lady Muse, Bhaji Man and Numberific, and Boho Chick and The Detective.

And what a weekend it was!  I could not have asked for more - truly, it was everything and so much more than I expected.

We arrived to a snowy scene and a welcoming house, fires lit and lights on.  The house itself beautiful in its splendour and simplicity, well appointed and comfortable.  Gin flowed and people arrived.  A home cooked Indian banquet with homemade bhajis started the weekend well.  Everyone, without children for the first time in goodness know how long, was relaxed, conversation flowed (rude and crude, and sensible only occasionally) and party games ensued.  The sound of laughter startled me - as I recognised my own  - and warmed my heart.

On the way to bed the present fairy struck - present 1 - and as I unwrapped the gift in its delicate pink paper and white bow, I laughed - 9 little marshmallows (Boomf - genius!) with my (flattering?) portraits on them.

I slept the sleep of the blessed, waking to the sound of the Tay outside of my window, no children just peace and tranquillity.  Slowly everyone woke and made their way to breakfast and a lazy day ahead.  Walking, wandering, playing, laughing, reading and snoozing.  How long, I wonder, had it been since our minds and bodies had relaxed?

The present fairy struck again - present two - the book of sheonad - everything i needed to know about my birthday, year of birth and so much more.  Imagine this - I share 50% of my DNA with a banana! This time the identity of the present fairy became clear:

"Brilliant, amazing, wonderful, dazzling, talented, ingenious; the list of words to describe you goes on and on.  What choice was there but to write a book about you. Enjoy!  Mr Tweed and Lady of Camptoun"

Late on the Saturday afternoon people wandered to get ready:- a flurry of blue eyeshadow, synthetic hair, big glasses, frilly shirts, velvet and marabou.  Black tie with a touch of 70s was the theme and what a fabulous effort was made! From 70s glamour to rock and roll and boho chic we were ready to celebrate!

We braved the cold to venture outside to photograph sparklers,  but instead I was treated to a firework spectacle - I find fireworks truly beautiful and was moved to tears by the planning Mr Tweed and Lady Camptoun had done to make my weekend one to remember.

The kitchen had been taken over by the extremely talented and very personable Aaron Hartmann from Season Catering.   A delectable feast was brought before us over the course of the evening:


Smoked Salmon, Blinis, Horseradish Cream and Keta Caviar
Smoked Venison Pate, Toasted Foccacia & Goats cheese

To Start

Loch Fyne Diver caught Scallops Cooked Two Ways, Asian Influence.


Sirloin Of Scottish Beef, Spinach, Potato Rosti, Beetroot & Garlic Butter, Red Wine Jus


Lemon Tart, Praline & Berry Compote

A surprise birthday cake by Three Sisters Bake - coffee and walnut - organised by D and steeped in family history - and words of love,wisdom and friendship offered by all around the table.

Merry and happy, sitting by the fire, the evening drew slowly to a close with Lady Muse sharing her By Ailey Mae Vanilla Cocoa Chai Powder - which is divinely delicious! - and then to bed, with my granny pants on and Catwoman Jolly Ginger from Biscuiteers to munch on - thank you, present fairy! - for another night of unadulterated sleep.

Although many left on the Sunday, the weekend was not yet over.  Scrabble by the fire, fish and chips for tea, a silly fun film - The Sweetest Thing - to make us laugh and giggle - precious, precious, glorious time.  And a sleep of the blessed...

This weekend proved something to me: it's been so long since I felt like myself; so long since I have laughed so hard and for so long; so long since I have spent time with my beloved, my friend, my husband; so long since I have been surrounded by those who carry me high; and so long since I felt so loved.  Thank you to all that made this weekend so memorable.  When can we go again?

Party bags - condoms, alkaseltzer, gaviscon, berroca, scratchcard, sweeties of the 70s (popping candy, flying saucers, kola cubes, dipdabs, tutti frutti, double lolly, fruits salad and shrimps)

This post was not sponsored in any shape or form - I just want to share the love!


Mrs K said...

A weekend do wonderful I giggle when I think of it. I have not been more myself in years x

Bright Side of Life said...

Oh my word. Here I sit in a coffee shop with Nick and I have tears in my eyes. So happy for you all, especially you and Mrs K for taking the time out to do something so special that was only for grownups.