Thursday, February 26, 2015


Quality time
Away from the city;
to the hills,
to peace,
and babbling brooks

A hug:
I am home
and at ease.
a rug on a bed.
Fire aglow,
coffee and homemade delights.
Comforting, soul warming 
delighting in family time.

The bed covers skewiff,
my daughter entangled but sleeping
peacefully, the night sky a kaleidoscope of stars,
heaven looking upon us
as we slept 
the sleep of the blessed.

No camera to record the moments,
my senses instead:
the light filtering through the birks,
tiny snowdrops at their heels;
holly  aimless but with direction, 
us sauntering quietly along.

A dirty chai latte, carrot cake
books and stationery:
my delight, my halcyon joy,
and there she was
a spotted woodpecker, watching, 
encouraging and supporting, 
always welcome, never forgotten.

" simmer blinks on flowery
and o'er the chrystal streamlets
come let us spend the lightsome 
in the birks of Aberfeldy"

Robbie Burns

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Bright Side of Life said...

I always love your words. Beautiful.