Thursday, March 26, 2015

4 years old

She is 4 today.
I remember the day she arrived in our family;
a godsend and a nuisance in one.
never to solve the problem,
but likely - no definitely - to make life easier.
Life approached at high speed
with the wind in her hair,
enjoying the ride
and the bumps along the way.
LIfe more fun,
more adventurous,
more accessible.
A friend has a vintage car,
a MG.
A thing of colour and great beauty.
The top down,
the sun upon your soul and
freedom as the countryside whizzes by.
But then the clouds descend,
rain seeps through the soft top,
puddles splash around your feet.
The engine splutters and stops.
New parts galore:
more money - 
a bottomless pit perhaps?
Time off the road,
a definite labour of love.
My friend sold his.
It broke his heart, 
but it was the right thing to do.
He hadn't invested much in it - yet...
Perhaps he'll be tempted once again.
She is like a vintage car.
A labour of love.
Weekly maintenance
monthly services,
annual MOTs.
She wears her bumps 
and bruises 
and scars with pride,
each one with a story to tell.
We are invested in her - 
she is part of our family,
we couldn't do without her.
But how we curse her from time to time
when the red light flashes,
the elevator creeks, 
the castor falls off, 
the pneumatic is flat,
when oil leaks on the floor, 
when mud is traipsed in, 
when she'll only move in circles.
when she won't go up and down.
We miss her as she sits out of action.
New parts sent, parcels awaited,
mechanical skills required.
We remember the difference she makes to our lives
We are grateful and thankful...
Until the next clunk, 
or beep.
Happy birthday, Snappie!
We love you

Although it's Snappie's birthday today, this post originally came to life when a Facebook discussion took place, lamenting life with a Dragon, while some praised the unique piece of engineering.  We love Snappie, but she is a labour of love.  We wouldn't abandon her on a tip or leave her sitting unloved and unused: she has changed Eilidh's life beyond imagination - she deserves to be looked after and celebrated.


Midlife Singlemum said...

LOL, I thought it was one of your daughters' birthdays. Happy birthday to snappie. And, I enjoyed reading about your birthday weekend away a few weeks ago - I just forgot to comment It looked like a perfect celebration.

Bright Side of Life said...

What a great read. Love your way with words.