Thursday, May 28, 2015

Support I

After the event 
came the letters.
Family and friends offering 
lifting us high,
raising us above the 
depths of our
I hold these
words, these
returning to them often,
feeling the
they contain.

This week, in a series of posts, I will share excerpts from these letters with you; perhaps they will help others find a sense of peace at a difficult time.

"How can I start to offer you comfort?  Close your eyes and imagine me hugging you all individually.  Giving you great big "mother bear" hugs that envelop you, letting my love seep into you and give you strength.  I am with you every day in my heart and always will be...

You have a more difficult and different life ahead but it will still be full of love and laughter - it's perhaps just not what you had envisaged.  It will be deeper, more meaningful, more thought provoking, richer and more rewarding in many ways because you will take nothing for granted..

I had some good advice recently to help with the heartache: live for the moment; plant some little seeds for the future, but don't project what might have been as none of us know what the future holds and would have brought.  

We don't know what our individual destinies are - we may have stereotypical ideals and expectations but perhaps we just need to be "in the now", accepting and enjoying the present..."

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Midlife Singlemum said...

Lots of wise words there. I think we all need to live in the present and not hanker after what might have been. The truth is that we dont know what might have been had a different life unfolded. The alternative might have brought different challenges. Lots of love. xxx