Monday, June 01, 2015

Support V

Some letters arrived late, but late was better than never.
Some were resolute but the compassion was there, hidden amid the hand-penned lines.
This excerpt comes from a letter that was both late and resolute:

"You have been in my thoughts daily though I haven't written to say so, which is, I realise, more than remiss of me.  I had hoped I might be able to say something helpful from sense acquired in my long-lived years but such wisdom has eluded me.

I expect you have already been in touch with appropriate support groups and other parents who will hopefully become part of a permanent structure of help now and in times of crisis.  All I can hope for you is that you find courage and stamina to cope, remembering to keep in tandem the rest of the family's needs.  Your common sense and equilibrium will eventually "click in" as a sense of ordinariness return to your lives." 

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