About Me

A curly haired, sophisticated country girl with a taste for exquisite gin.  Sheonad is a medic, a mum and a dab hand at photography, knitting baby hats and sparkly leg warmers.  She lives in Scotland with two crazy, beautiful girls and a very sensible, loving husband.  When she isn't working or watching endless re-runs of the Octonauts, Sheonad enjoys putting on a wet suit and swimming through lochs and lakes in her flowery swimming cap.  Having spent time in New Zealand she has perfected the pavlova. Dinner with Sheonad is always a treat.  She never misses an occasion to make somebody smile.  Try not to be too much of a wuss because Sheonad is from farming stock and she grew up dancing ceilidhs with rugby boys - yep, she can take you down!   She is currently living an unfamiliar life with a disabled child and managing somehow to make it wonderful, despite wanting to wake up and realise it was all a bad dream.  She doesn't hide from the truth so take her straight, without ice and knock back a glass of the good stuff.

Thanks to my Lady Muse for writing this biog x